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About Us

Biz and Kevin are a couple of hockey players with over 80 years of experience playing hockey and in business. Also, we are entrepreneurs that want to improve the convenience and supply of hockey equipment, gear, supplies and services. There are many additional ideas that will compliment our basic system we are launching in 2021. Keep an eye on us.

Tell your rink about our service if they don’t offer it already.

Our Story

V4Hockey was born from ideas we kicked around about serving a need. Hockey players have always had a need to replace gear and supplies for their playing habit. Devoted to the sport they love, hockey players have had to work with whatever they could to make sure they could play hockey.

Biz and Kevin know the struggles. They’ve both been involved in hockey for decades. They’ve experienced the troubles and frustrations of not having tape when dressing and have to borrow tape from another player. Laces that break just as you are about to go on the ice. Show up without your cup or other protection equipment? Been there.
Also being creative and business minded, they started exploring solutions. Building on each other’s ideas (something they do very well), they created the V4Hockey you see now and have ideas for many developments in the future, all making it easier and more convenient for a player to enjoy playing the game of hockey.
For rinks without pro shops, managing these problems has been difficult. Players have to deal with it in different ways, all inconvenient for those small but much needed items. You order online. You wait till you go to tournament where there is a pro shop. Or, if you have a pro shop, you have to make a special trip to the rink to be there when the shop is actually open.
Now you can have an alternative. V4Hockey brings those much needed supplies right near your locker room available at all times. If you show up to the rink and forgot you broke a lace. No problem. There’s one right here, right now. Just swipe your card, enter a selection and head to the locker room. Interested? Ask your rink to get a V4Hockey system installed at your rink.
We are also open to thoughts and suggestions. Please feel free to start a conversation with us by email at

Our Mission

by V4Hockey

Our Mission

Provide immediate and convenient hockey products and services which will lower costs and make hockey more affordable and enjoyable for players.

Our Vision

We’ll deliver systems to rinks and add components to that system allowing hockey players to purchase goods and services through automated systems making hockey more convenient and affordable.

Our Values

We value hockey competition and community. Players know that hockey is incredibly competitive but also a community. We value the opportunity to play. With that, we value convenient and cost effective products and services supporting hockey.


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Future Developments in supporting Hockey

Future Solutions for Fundraising for Youth Hockey

Keep an eye on us.

More services coming soon.