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Our Mission

by V4Hockey

Our Mission

Provide immediate and convenient hockey products and services making hockey more affordable and enjoyable for players.

V4Hockey will provide immediate options for replenishing gear and equipment without the high cost of pro shops or inconvenience of online only options.

Our Vision

To set up a network of vending operations in rinks across the hockey world where players can conveniently purchase goods and services at all times with the most popular products and services.

V4Hockey stands to be the new method for hockey equipment sales, reducing costs and improving availability, and then expand with additional services and opportunities.

Our system will be set up at rinks and we’ll add components to that system allowing hockey players to purchase more goods and services through our automated system.

Our Values

We value hockey competition and community. Players know that hockey is incredibly competitive but also a community. We value the opportunity to play. With that, we value convenient and cost effective products and services supporting hockey.


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