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Cloth Stick Tape
Sock Tape
Skate Laces
Stick Wax
Sharpening/Honing Stones
Grip Tapes
Mouth Guards
Tape Scissors
Tape Cutter/Remover
Helmet repair kit
Skate Socks
Anti-Fog Spray
First Aid Kits
Icy Hot
Coaches Boards
….and more.

Tape - Stick and Sock Tape Available

A wide selection of white and black stick tape and clear sock tape.

Laces of all sizes

Use our sizing chart on the front of the machine to select the correct size. Laces come in both regular and waxed.


V4Hockey carries the most popular patterns and flexes

We carry sticks with the following characteristics.

  • Multiple flexes available
  • All composite construction
  • Different kick points
  • Popular blade patterns
  • Manufacturer warranties